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Vitamin C


Frequently Asked Questions about Isotonix™ Vit C Pt 1

How many milligrams of Vitamin C do I get in one dose of Isotonix Vitamin C?
500 mg per serving.

Vitamin C sometimes becomes crystallised; can the product still be consumed?
Crystallisation does not affect the potency or formulation of the product. The formula can still be used; however it may require a little more effort when mixing with water.

When we claim our products are isotonic, is there any formal experiment or report to prove the absorption rate and the isotonic state?
Isotonix™ products make the label claim of being isotonic capable. When prepared as directed, the solution is within a range of tonicity matching the human body. 
The basis for the isotonic line is physiologic. Isotonic solutions work via normal body physiology to deliver nutrients quickly as compared to solid forms. These physiologic principles have been well-described in medical references and in the medical literature. Here are a few sample references:
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The general consensus is that an isotonic liquid might be likely to lead to elevated bioavailability since the transit through the stomach is rapid and might be expected to lead to improved nutrient stability due to minimal contact with stomach acid.  Also, once the nutrients are in the small intestine, the nutrients that are absorbed via passive diffusion would be expected to be more bioavailable since they arrive at the major absorptive site at a high concentration. This elevated amount of nutrient on the lumen side sets up a concentration gradient which flows down the concentration gradient from high levels to lower levels inside the intestinal epithelial cells. However, for nutrients that are absorbed by specialised active transport processes, the establishment of a concentration gradient is not that important. The body will spend energy (as ATP) to transport those molecules across the cell membrane regardless of whether the nutrients are present in high or low concentrations.

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