The Power of Isotonix

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Multi Vitamin


What Makes Isotonix™ Multivitamin Unique?

Isotonix™ Multivitamin delivers a potent blend of vitamins and minerals through an effective isotonic-capable formula that maximises your dollars spent on nutritional supplementation. Isotonix Multivitamin is an advanced system multivitamin and mineral supplement. Multivitamin helps to maintain healthy digestive function, may assist blood circulation, maintains health of capillaries and assists in the maintenance of general well-being.

Isotonic, which means "same pressure," bears the same chemical resemblance of the body's blood, plasma and tears. All fluids in the body have a certain concentration, referred to as osmotic pressure. The body's common osmotic pressure, which is isotonic, allows a consistent maintenance of body tissues. In order for a substance to be absorbed and used in the body's metabolism, it must be transported in an isotonic state.

Isotonix dietary supplements are delivered in an isotonic solution similar in constitution to the body's own naturally-produced isotonic fluids. This means that the body has less work to do in order to obtain maximum absorption. The isotonic state of the suspension allows nutrients to pass directly into the small intestine and be rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream. With Isotonix products, little nutritive value is lost, making the absorption of nutrients highly efficient while delivering maximum results.

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