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Primary Benefits of Glucosatrin®

    •    May provide temporary relief from pain and joint inflammation associated with osteoarthritis/arthritic conditions
    •    May assist in the temporary relief of pain and inflammation associated with arthritic conditions and improving joint mobility
    •    Glucosamine sulphate is a bioactive amino sugar compound that acts as a precursor to the body's synthesis of cartilage and other materials; it supplements the body's own production of glucosamine
    •    Glucosamine sulphate is a precursor of the glycosaminoglycans (formerly known as mucopolysaccharides) that are the building blocks of cartilage and other structures
    •    Aids in the management of osteoarthritis
    •    Helps with the temporary relief of the pain, stiffness and joint swelling associated with arthritic conditions
    •    Glucosamine has been shown to provide temporary relief from the pain of osteoarthritis, reduce joint inflammation and increase joint mobility
    •    Supports healthy cartilage
    •    Supports healthy joints
    •    Supplies GAGs (Glycosaminoglycans), which are basic materials for cartilage and joint structures
    •    Glucosamine sulphate has been shown to decrease the symptoms of osteoarthritis, including joint pains and mobility (functional limitation)
    •    Over a three year period, glucosamine has been shown to slow the progression of osteoarthritic joint changes
    •    May assist in the management of osteoarthritis
    •    For mineral supplementation
    •    For vitamin supplementation
    •    Aids in the maintenance or improvement of general well being





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